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20/20: Thursday October 4

Published: 3:46PM Wednesday October 03, 2012 Source: 20/20

Sophie Elliott, Emily Longley - young women who lost their lives at the hands of violent men. Nortessa Montgomerie counts her blessings when she thinks of these women because unlike them, she survived. Nortessa was also the victim of brutal violence - kidnapped by a former boyfriend, she endured hours of physical pain, death threats and the fear that he had killed her little brother. She shares her very personal, very raw story with 20/20's Emma Keeling.

Lost and Found
A camera lost in a creek for three years is being returned to its owner thanks to clever detective work by a Vermont man who studied pictures on its memory card. Jay Schadler reports on the series of clues that led to the Brooklyn, NY camera owner.

Intoxication Nation
Kids these days are devising more degenerate and dangerous ways to get wasted. As former teen alcoholic Koren Zailckas says, behaviour that was once considered uncool - like drinking until you black out - is now being celebrated. Vodka now comes in kid-friendly flavours like bubble gum, cotton candy, marshmallow and peanut butter and jelly. Kids don't even need fake IDs anymore - some online vendors will ship alcohol to anyone who places an order.

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 - with reporters Emma Keeling, Hannah Ockelford, Erin Conroy and Sonya Wilson