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20/20: Thursday October 11

Published: 8:39PM Thursday October 11, 2012 Source: 20/20

Vegas Gold
Theyre a bona fide international success story - straight from a tiny dance studio from South Auckland. Earlier in the year 20/20 brought you the story of 20 -year-old Parris Goebel and her dancers - she was auditioning for this year's hip hop crews to compete at the world champs in Las Vegas. Well, they went, they certainly competed, and Erin Conroy brings you the story of just how they did.  Life is about to seriously change for one of Parris's crews... This is the stuff of dreams seriously coming true.

Actress Kristen Johnston
What is it about celebrity that seems to spawn alcoholism? In a revealing and often hilarious interview, former Third Rock from the Sun star Kristen Johnston speaks candidly about the harrowing experiences of being a young actress whose insecurity and struggles with fame led to an addiction problem which nearly killed her. I thought it was cool& you know, I could outdrink the basketball team, she tells Elizabeth Vargas about drinking.

Angry Old Folk
We expect to see our grandparents enjoying walks on the beach, games of bingo, and early-bird dinner specials. We dont expect to see video of them unloading handguns at would-be thieves, knocking out an aggressive hoodlum on a city bus or beating back stick-up men with grocery store mangoes. 20/20 talks to some seniors who didnt think twice about fighting back, questions whether its bravery or foolishness, and talks to one old man who says hes developed the ultimate method of defence. Chris Cuomo reports.

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