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20/20: Thursday April 5

Published: 12:07PM Monday April 02, 2012 Source: 20/20

All Askew
Graffiti is, for most people, vandalism. The defacing of property that's not your own, and it's illegal. But if anyone could change your perspective - it's the guy known as Askew. In his own words he's been there, done that. But that was, he claims, his education. Now this talented artist has taken his work off the streets and onto a conventional canvas. Well - for the most part. 20/20 meets the man and reads the writing on the wall.

Honeymoon Horror
When American Tina Watson drowned while scuba diving off the Australian Barrier Reef on her honeymoon in 2003, it became a headline-making case that spanned two continents half a world apart. Gabe Watson would plead guilty to negligent manslaughter in Australia and spend 18 months in prison. When he returned to Alabama, he was charged with premeditated murder as soon as he landed. But what really happened under the water, and why did Watson leave his wife there?
In his first and only interview since an Alabama judge put the troubling case to rest, Watson answers the tough questions from Elizabeth Vargas about his marriage, his tragic honeymoon, his strange behaviour, what he says really happened during that fateful scuba dive, and how he is handling the fact that Tinas family believes he got away with murder.

Criminal Minds
 20/20 goes to Hollywood and talks serial killers with the cast from TVs hit show Criminal Minds.

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