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Special Edition: The ugly truth about beauty

Published: 7:43PM Monday June 08, 2009 Source: 20/20

  •  (Source: 20/20)
    Source: 20/20

20/20's Special Edition, The Ugly Truth About Beauty, follows lifestyle journalist Kate Spicer as she takes an inside look at cosmetic surgery.

Kate is 39, single and, like many women, not 100% happy with her appearance. She's always been sceptical about the beauty industry but now, as she approaches her 40s, she's contemplating action.

With 1.8m pounds now spent every day in the UK on cosmetic procedures, she's not alone. Follow Kate as she immerses herself in the wide range of bizarre, radical and cutting edge procedures now on offer to normal women willing to undergo a gruelling quest for exquisite, youthful looks.

With a personal interest in improving her looks and a beauty industry cynic's interest in exploring just how easy it is to be sucked into the world of cosmetic improvement, will these exotic and invasive procedures have her hooked?

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