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Win a LEGO boardgame

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Thanks to our friends at LEGO, we're giving away Monster 4 boardgames...

The board game industry in New Zealand has changed with the launch of LEGO Games, the worlds first collection of constructible board games.

Eleven new games from LEGO provide a whole new game play experience where, using LEGO bricks, players have to build the board game and dice before they can play! Once built, players play the game which can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour, and can include from 2 to 8 people.

With LEGO Games the rules are there to be broken! All 11 games can be changed by constructing the board game in a different way or by simply adding (or removing!) more LEGO bricks. The unique buildable dice in all LEGO Games allows players to change the rules: why stick to only moving five spaces when you roll a five when you can double it and move ten spaces?e.

About Monster 4
Night has fallen in the graveyard and the monsters have come out to play with the skeletons. The first to get four of their monsters in a row wins. But keep an eye out for the spider jumping in and scaring you off!