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Twenty Twelve: DVD Review

Twenty Twelve: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Entertainment

Hugh "Downton" Bonneville, Jessica "Spaced" Hynes and a cast of others come together for this docu-fly-on-the-wall comedy series, looking at the build up to the London Olympics 2012.

Perfect timing perhaps, but what's more surprising is how prescient this show was.

It takes in the work of the London Olympic Deliverance Committee as they gear the capital up for the Games which kicked off in July.

Dry, wry and a little bit lighter on the satire front than the likes of The Thick of It, Twenty Twelve benefits from solid performances all around - everyone gives their all to this perfectly timed comic piece of mockumentary.

Ironically, some of the topics covered by the show came up in real life (clock breaking down, athletes delayed on roads), suggesting that Twenty Twelve wasn't too far removed from the truth. Bonneville and Hynes give the best performances throughout - but it's a gently wry, mocking UK comedy which the Brits do very well.

Twenty Twelve gets the gold and is certainly worth watching.

Rating: 7/10