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The Thick of It S4: DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by BBC And Roadshow Home Entertainment

Armando Ianucci's brilliantly savage satire returns for a run of 7 episodes, demonstrating why the best things come in small packages and why the BBC can only do the very best in intelligent comedy.

Government embarrassments, U turns, ministerial mess ups, deals and rows - all of these are on the agenda as the latest batch of the the political comedy unwinds. Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker is now in opposition but no less savage and vitriolic.

Ianucci's once again crafted a wonderfully severe documentary style which oozes intelligent, wit and rewards patience and smart investment into the characters and the worlds within. Anyone with a hint of political nous will recognise the machinations, back stabbing and verbal jousting which takes place throughout.

Put simply, if you're a fan of comedy done well and intelligently, then you can't afford not to own The Thick of It: Series 4 on DVD. Simply brilliant, utterly quotable and side splittingly raw and funny, it's a must see.

Extras: Deleted scenes, commentary

Rating: 8/10