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Star Wars: The Complete Saga: Blu Ray Review

Star Wars - The Complete Saga on Blu Ray

Rating: M
Released by 20th Century Fox

So, the empire of Lucasfilm unleashes yet another version of those films - and still no sign of the original trilogy back in its unblemished and untinkered with format.

A minor quibble granted this 9 disc set collects together pretty much most of what the real fan wants - the films themselves and a shedload of docos and extra features.

Episodes I-III pretty much gleam in their transition to the shinier HD format - and it has to be said episodes IV-VI look pretty good given their lack of CGI at the time of being made. There's plenty of magic and recapturing of the feeling you first had when you saw these films way back when - and the HD versions make you feel like you're back in the cinema once again as the full experience kicks in.

Sure, there's been more of the Lucas trademark polishing - with a few minor bits here and there guaranteed to polarize the fans; but when the final three discs collect together such a wealth of extra footage, documentaries and content, it's almost forgiveable.


This Star Wars set is a must for any completist and yes, I'm sure some will be unhappy at the couple of hundred dollars needed to buy yet another set, but really, when it comes to Star Wars, you probably want to see it in the best light possible.

The Force is indeed strong with this set.

Rating: 8/10