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Saturday Blockbuster: Joe Dirt

Saturday May 22nd at 9.30pm

Joe Dirt

Cast: David Spade, Dennis Miller, Erik per Sullivan, Christopher Walken, Brittany Daniel, Fred Ward

Director: Dennie Gordon

Review by Dominic Corry

David Spade made another attempt at an Adam Sandler-style hit with this semi-successful comedy.

Spade plays the title character, a mulleted white trash perennial loser who has ended up working as a janitor at a radio station.

One day the Howard Stern-style nasty DJ (played by comedian Dennis Miller) brings Dirt into his studio during his show to make fun of him, and Dirt ends up regaling his life story up until that point over the airwaves.

Played as a kid by Malcolm In the Middle's Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), Dirt is abandoned by his parents at the Grand Canyon as a child.

He proceeds through life having numerous adventures and encounters, many of them involving faeces in some way.

Joe Dirt was a minor success upon its release, but didn't quite launch David Spade into the comedy A-list, as it was clearly intended to.

Spade has considerable comedic talents, and while Joe Dirt has a few decent chuckles, he's better when playing the sarcastic mean guy, as he did for many years in the hit sitcom Just Shoot Me.

But Joe Dirt's watchability is helped by an interesting supporting cast - Christopher Walken plays a kooky janitor; Fred Ward plays Dirt's father and Kid Rock plays his white trash nemesis.

Like Rob Schneider, David Spade co-starred on Saturday Night Live with Adam Sandler and now Sandler is using his success to get his buddy's films made.

What a guy.