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Saturday Blockbuster : Bad Boys II

Saturday August 1 at 8:30pm

Bad Boys 2

Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gabrielle Union

Director: Michael Bay

Director Michael Bay ( The Island); Armageddon) upped the ante for this mega-budget sequel to his action comedy hit starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

1995's Bad Boys was a medium budget sleeper hit starring two actors still principally known for their TV work.

Will Smith subsequently went on to achieve A-List actor status with roles in hits such as Independence Day; Men In Black and Enemy of the State, and Bay became one of Hollywood's top action directors with such films as The Rock; Armageddon and Pearl Harbour.

So when Bay and Smith (along with Lawrence, whose career has never reached Smith's heights, but which still trucked along nicely) came back to what served as their breakthrough hit, they had a lot more money to play with.

This resulted in Bad Boys II being a huge spectacle that presented an unrelenting ride of the biggest action set-pieces Hollywood can buy.

The stand out set-piece sees our heroes conducting a high speed freeway chase while cars bounce off a massive car-transporter all around them.

The plot, not that it really matters, is as follows: Miami cops Mike Lowry (Smith), a committed bachelor and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), harangued family man, are investigating the flourishing Ecstacy trade.

This leads them into conflict with a ruthless kingpin, who eventually kidnaps Marcus' DEA agent sister Syd (Gabirelle Union), whom Mike just happened to have been secretly dating.

Bad Boys II is a truly humungous film that doesn't fully recapture the fresh comedic charm of the original, but more than makes up for it in crunching metal and big explosions.

Gotta love Hollywood.