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The Queen of Versailles: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by Madman Home Ent

This doco from Madman Home Ent, which recently screened at the NZIFF's Autumn Events, proved to be a crowd favourite.

It centres on the riches to rags story of the Siegels, a billionaire couple (Jackie and David) who decide to build a home on a par with the legendary palace of Versailles. But halfway through the construction of this disgustingly opulent palace in Florida, the economic recession bites, causing the plan to go on stand by - but not the ambitions of the wife, Jackie. She has an inability not to spend and it causes pressure for David.

What's amazing about The Queen of Versailles is that it's not a mocking film nor one that causes anything less than compassion for the duo. Granted, you feel a certain kind of pity and disbelief over the continual spending and how they still get by, but you're still stuck by how the recession has affected everyone. Through sensitive and sensible film-making, The Queen of Versailles is an enjoyable and interesting watch - and becomes a thoughtful meditation on how the American dream continues to grow, even in the worst of times.

Extras: Deleted scenes, trailer

Rating: 8/10