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Piranha 3DD: Blu Ray Review

Piranha 3DD: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M

Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

Stop, the search is over - I've found the worst film of the year.

Piranha 3DD  is the sequel to Piranha, which in itself was no masterpiece but had a certain charm.

In the first film, the residents of Lake Victoria were terrorised by hungry little fish, desperate to chow down on human flesh after lying dormant for millions of years.

This time, the "action" relocates to a waterpark called The Big Wet, which promises such high faluting entertainment as the Adult Pool, where its nubile and pneumatic residents need not bother with clothes or worry about their privacy being invaded by pervs - thanks to underwater cameras.

When the first signs of the fish start to strike again, the powers that be ignore all the warnings and the inevitable carnage materialises....

Mercifully short at a touch over 1 hour, this base and vulgar film is nothing nearing any form of class. Gratuitous nudity, lots of slow mo shots of girls in bikinis and various other exploitative moments make up the majority of this film which boasts hammy cameos from  Christopher Lloyd, Gary Busey and the Hoff.

Any film which starts with an exploding cow and sees one person beheaded and their head land squarely in ample bosoms isn't aiming high - and thankfully,  Piranha 3DD  hits all of its targets.

Extras: Deleted scenes

Rating: 2/10