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Paul: Blu Ray review


Rating: R13
Released by Universal Home Ent

Aliens, geeks and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost back on screen - how can it go wrong?

The duo from Hot Fuzz, Spaced and Shaun of the Dead reteam (and write) this comedy about two guys, Graeme and Clive who head to geek mecca Comic Con after years of dreaming of making the trip.

Sated on the nerd fest that is Comic-Con, the duo then decide to roadtrip around the States, taking in some of the best UFO spots in America.

On a remote highway, the hapless pair chance upon Paul, a grey alien (voiced by Seth Rogen).
The little chap needs a helping hand to escape the government and get home - so Graeme (Pegg) obliges - and the great alien road trip begins.

Throw in a couple of FBI agents chasing, an accidental kidnap of Kristen Wiig's Ruth from an RV camp and a shadowy figure trying to stop them, and you've got the recipe for the rest of this scifi-geek-steeped-pop-culture film.

Eschewing many sci-fi references (ET, Close Encounters, Aliens, Star Wars et al), Paul is likely to appeal more to a certain sector of the audience than others.

That said, don't let the scifi bent of this witty (at times puerile) script put you off.

The trademark bromance chemistry between long time working partners Pegg and Frost continues to amuse on many levels and ensures Paul is a good night at home.

Extras: Featurettes, bloopers, trailers, Simon's silly faces&.

Rating: 7/10