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The Killing: DVD Review

The Killing

Rating: M
Released by Madman Entertainment

Four years after being first released in native Denmark, and to universal critical acclaim, the 20 part first series of The Killing is released here.

And what a scorching series it is.

Over 20 episodes, a homicide unit follows the killing of 19-year-old woman, Nanna Birk Larsen - by the intrepid Detective Inspector Sarah Lund, who as the series begins is about to leave for Sweden. But as she looks further into the case, the death has serious implications for an ongoing mayoral campaign.

The pilot of The Killing pretty much lays its atmospheric cards out on the table - with iconic backgrounds and Nordic landscapes, it does feel a little like The Millennium Trilogy in tone; but it's its own beast.
It's captivating, engrossing, intelligent and enthralling television at its best with a central protagonist who's prone to wearing chunky jumpers and because of that, ends up in the pantheon of quirky yet brilliant detectives.

Simply put, The Killing needs your time - set aside 20 hours for some of the best TV you'll see - and then beg Madman to release the second series...

Rating: 8/10