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Keisha Castle-Hughes is Celeste

Keisha Castle-Hughes is Celeste in The Vintner's Luck

"When I first read the script for Celeste I was just completely in love with her& really scared too because it's a huge step for me as an actor to play someone who ages from 16 to 40 in the course of the film. I had to take a step at some time in my career to become an adult as an actor and to do that with someone like Niki& I feel extremely lucky."

Keisha Castle-Hughes was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2003 for her leading role in Niki Caro's film Whale Rider, and at 13 years old, was the youngest ever Best Actress nominee. The role also won her the Chicago Film Festival Award as Most Promising Performer and the New Zealand Film Awards recognised her as Best Actress.

Keisha was chosen for the role when casting directors came to her primary school. She later admitted that when she started filming the story of a young girl who struggles to fulfil the destiny her grandfather refuses to recognise, she was unable to swim.

After the international success of Whale Rider, which won multiple awards at festivals worldwide, Keisha returned to school. In 2005 she was cast in a cameo role, as Queen of Naboo, in George Lucas' third film in the blockbuster series Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

For director Catherine Hardwicke she took the role of young Mary in The Nativity Story in 2006, and the same year starred in the Australian comedy Hey Hey, It's Ester Blueburger, written and directed by Cathy Randall.  Most recently Keisha Castle-Hughes has appeared as Young Kat in the TVNZ drama "Piece of my Heart" for which she won a Qantas Award.

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