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The Intouchables: Blu Ray Review

The Intouchables: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

The Intouchables is the heartwarming and true, yet irreverent tale of quadriplegic millionaire, Philippe (Francois Cluzet) whose life took a turn for the worst after a paragliding accident. Confined to a chair, Philippe lives day to day, appreciating the finer things in life like art and classical music and yet not quite living properly.

One day, while interviewing for a new carer, he comes across Omar Sy's street smart ex-con Driss. Driss is there simply to tick a box and to apply for a benefit - however, when he ends up at the interview, his lack of interest in the role and stolid adherence to being there only because he has to (although he ends up flirting with flame haired interviewer Magalie, played by Audrey Fleurot), fires up something long dormant in Philippe.

Driss ends up being hired by Philippe and, unsurprisingly, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship as the carer from the projects brings his unorthodox view on life to the starchly stiff world of Philippe.

The Intouchables is very much the antithesis to the Diving Bell and The Butterfly - and is so diametrically opposed in approach that it's easy to see why this broadly uplifting and at times, irreverent comedy has been so cherished by many.

Uplifting, surprisingly never mawkish and always heartwarming, The Intouchables is a joy to behold. From the humour of the writing which punctuates any lingering sentimentality (which would normally threaten to derail a film such as this) to central performances which are never anything less than compelling despite being non-showy, it's a film which will linger on in you long after you've left.

Extras: Deleted scenes

Rating: 8/10