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Inception: DVD Review


Rating: M
Released by Warner Home Video

One of the films of 2010, Inception finally arrives on DVD and Blu Ray.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dom Cobb, who works in subconscious security and steals ideas from people's minds while they're sleeping - via a shared consciousness.

He's approached by Ken Watanabe's Saito who wants to bring down a rival company and its head Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) using corporate espionage by getting Cobb and a team to plant an idea into a rival's brain. However, inception of an idea isn't the easiest thing to carry out...

Still mind bending, Inception remains a great watch - even if you've seen it before, you can pick up on the clues of what's already gone before and see how the puzzle fits together.

With a wealth of extras, this is a great release, with stunning effects and an enigma which still requires a lot of intelligence to crack.

Extras:  A heap on different formats, but worth seeking out the Cobol Job; a comic prelude which give the movie some grounding. Genius.

Rating: 9/10