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Grand Designs Series Six: DVD Review

Grand Designs Series Six

Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

Kevin McCloud once again returns in the show which never ceases to amaze would be home dreamers.

The formula of the show is a simple one - Kevin follows the ups and downs of the ambitious couples who have a vision for a property. And every time, the couples face some kind of obstacle in their quest for home perfection.

In these six episodes, there's a mix of development dreams - from the gothic to the futuristic, each one of them remains an intriguing look into what people can do - and why they do it.

However, it's due to McCloud that this show remains such a success - with his easy going and non intrusive technique, he really allows you to see all aspects of the build and confides his fears for what's planned.

Grand Designs remains a popular show and while there's an initial disappointment that this is such a short series, for fans (and dreamers alike) there's plenty to enjoy here.

Rating: 7/10