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Grand Designs: S7: DVD Review

Grand Designs Series Seven

Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

Seven years on, Kevin McCloud continues to mine the series which has proved so popular with the masses.

The formula's simple - McCloud follows couples and families as they build their own home. It's usually a culmination of years of dreaming and planning - but is fraught with problems and cases of ambition getting ahead of reality.

This latest series collects seven planned builds - including a contemporary mansion, a Victorian folly and a home made from tyres.

With Kevin's easy charm and simplistic form of presenting, it continues to inform, entertain and inspire.

At the same time, Grand Designs Trade Secrets is released - a companion piece which gives tips and hints behind the scenes of the builds. It's a chance to go deeper into the builds and maybe indulge
your fantasies. This series has been released as a companion to Series Seven and will be a welcome release to fans of the genre, with a fascinatng look at the builds and some expert advice on hand, it'll further fuel the desire to get out and renovate. 

Rating: 7/10