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four Lions: DVD Review

Four Lions

Rating: R13
Released by Roadshow

A comedy film about British Muslims looking to commit a terrorist act - there's already some of you out there reading this who've formed your own opinion of what this is.

Well, let me tell you - you're completely wrong.

British satirist Chris Morris turns his eye on four would be suicide bombers in this hilariously insane comedy.

The would be terror cell are so incompetent that their leader Omar (Ahmed) shows the messed up takes of their terrorist video to his son and says they could be deleted scenes for a DVD release.

This quartet wants to take their dreams of Jihadism to new levels - and plot to devastate the London Marathon. But Omar is disillusioned about the treatment of Muslims around the world and is determined to become a soldier - however, his views clash with that of white Islamic convert Barry (Lindsay) who believes a) that he's "the most al Qaeda one here" and b) that blowing up a mosque would be the best way to set the world alight.

As their ideologies and opinions clash, the group blunders ever closer to achieving their goals - despite their innate stupidity.

Granted there will be debate about how the four are portrayed - and some will take offence.

However, the writers planned for that during their in depth research and talking to Muslims - every sensitivity has been taken to ensure what you see on screen is not offensive or racist.

What Morris and his team of writers have done is take logical arguments over the matter to the absolute absurd end.

Four Lions remains a case of light the touch paper and stand well back - but it's searing entertainment which subtly plays with your expectations - and confounds them at every turn.

Extras: Deleted scenes, film premiere and behind the scenes

Rating: 8/10