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Film Festival 09 - Our Beloved Month of August

Our Beloved Month of August

Aquele querido mes de agosto, Portugal 2008, 150m
Director: Miguel Gomes
Festivals: Cannes (Directors' Fortnight), Vancouver 2008; San Francisco 2009

Surrender to this strange and wonderful film's playful weaving between documentary and drama and its rousing soundtrack and you may feel the benefits of a summer holiday in the mountains of Arganil, Portugal. Director Miguel Gomes becomes acquainted with some of the local legends before introducing some legends of his own in a storyline about a trio of musicians who appear to be living the kind of forbidden, thwarted love lives they sing about with such gratifying fervour. - BG. "A tantalizing mix of documentary, fiction and everything in between (including music video), Miguel Gomes' 150-minute love song to rural Portugal, scores viscerally as well as intellectually. Gorgeously photographed performances by semi-pro Portuguese dance-music bands at the summer Pardieiros festival set one's eyes ablaze and toes tapping, but Gomes goes further to work the brain as a narrative slowly, sneakily emerges out of the vérité melody-making." - Rob Nelson, Variety
In Portuguese with English subtitles