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Film Festival 09 - The Limits of Control

The Limits of Control

USA 2009, 116m
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Festivals: Sydney 2009

"Slippery and seductive, Jim Jarmusch's anti-thriller is a perfectly calibrated exercise in conspiracy cool. The Lone Man (Isaac de Bankolé) is an enigma wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a selection of very fine silk threads. Travelling first to Madrid then to Seville (ravishingly photographed by Christopher Doyle) he attracts a lot of attention from double-crossing agent Paz de la Huerta (naked beneath a transparent trench-coat) and a string of mysterious associates including Tilda Swinton in white wig and matching Stetson; John Hurt in full rant; and a hyped-up and muscular Gael García Bernal. With a perfectly honed eye for surrealist form and modern Spanish design, Jarmusch is preoccupied with modus operandi, far more interested in the shimmering approach than the thrill of the chase." - Clare Stewart, Sydney Film Festival. "Like a perfect piece of jazz - it sends you out of the theater in a blissed haze." - Dennis Dermody, Papermag