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Film Festival 09 -Len Lye Discoveries and Rediscoveries

Len Lye Discoveries and Rediscoveries


"Film is advanced art, not science, not education, nor box office - but utopia." So said New Zealand's favourite 20th-century expatriate artist and filmmaker Len Lye. This programme showcases that perennially refreshing utopian spirit. Curated by Roger Horrocks, who will introduce the screening, the programme begins with the premiere of his own new film, Art That Moves. What follows is a cornucopia of Lye's work, highlighting the restorations being carried out by the Len Lye Foundation in association with the New Zealand Film Archive and MoMA, with the generous support of the Stout Trust. Wayne Laird, Sarah Davy, and the British Film Institute have also been involved in this work. - BG. "This varied and colourful programme reflects Lye's ceaseless flow of new ideas and his reputation as one of the fathers (and masters) of the 'music video'." - Roger Horrocks