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Film Festival 09 - Homegrown Works on film

Homegrown Works on Film


MIC Toi Rerehiko presents the 2009 programme of the best new NZ short films in Homegrown, now in its 13th year.

The 2009 selection of the cream of local 35mm short film includes six films funded by the New Zealand Film Commission. Two of them, The Six Dollar Fifty Man and Lars and Peter, have been selected for competition at Cannes. This programme will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly it will make you think. Our thanks go to this year's Homegrown selectors - Anna Cahill (Screen Directors Guild of NZ), Steven Gannaway (NZ Writers Guild), Anne O'Brien (Women in Film and Television) and Deborah Lawler-Dormer at MIC. Paul Rose co-ordinated this year's programme. Poppy (NZ 2009. Director: James Cunningham Producer: Paul Swadel . 11 mins) Poppy is based on a true story. Two Kiwi soldiers rescue a crying baby from the arms of her dead mother behind German lines in France during WWI. What will be their fate? A very moving film, with fabulous Weta Digital effects. Undergrowth (NZ 2008. Director/Screenplay: Grant Major Producer: Dan Salmon. 10 mins) In Undergrowth an agoraphobic man wakes to discover the world is literally 'creeping' in. He must break free and undertake a journey through the past. What is real and what is imaginary? 

Careful with That Powertool (NZ 2009. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Jason Stutter. 2 mins) Power tools and children do NOT mix. Don't try this at home!! Mokopuna (NZ 2009. Director/Screenplay: Ainsley Gardner Producer: Glenis Giles. 11 mins) After meeting a young Maori boy at school, Mary, a middle-class part-Maori, questions her own cultural identity. Is she ready to embrace her Maori roots? Lars and Peter (NZ/Denmark 2009. Director/Screenplay: Daniel Borgman Producer: Katja Adomeit.15 mins) Lars is 9, naive and innocent. He lives with his father, Peter, and older brother, Lasse. Their mother has gone. On the night before his birthday Peter gets drunk and Lars witnesses his indiscretions with the woman next door. The Six Dollar Fifty Man (NZ 2009. Directors/Screenplay: Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland Producer: Wendy Cuthbert. 15 mins) Set in the 70s, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows the exploits of 8-year old Andy - a dreamer with 'superhuman' powers. When confronted with schoolyard bullying Andy must get real to protect himself and his only friend, Mary.