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Family Guy Series Eight: DVD Review

Family Guy: Season Eight

Cast: Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, aka Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland
Rating: 13 for violence, offensive language and sexual references
Released by Roadshow Entertainment

Cancelled and resurrected, it's no wonder animated hit Family Guy continues to push it as far as it can.

In this latest batch of 13 episodes (taken from the show's actual sixth and seventh season broadcasts), the gang go to the limits of taste, humour, depravity - and perhaps least surprisingly, language.

It's hard to sum up what on earth the creators of Family Guy have in mind when they create these episodes; sometimes, even I'm surprised at what they manage to conjure up on the screen - in amongst these latest eps are such bizarre moments as Stewie the megalomaniac child and pooch Brian end up in Poland on the day Germany invade; Brian loses his girlfriend to Cleveland, Peter manages to lose his family to James Wood thanks to identity theft&.seriously, at times, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to this show.

And yet, if you're not easily offended (and this latest uncut DVD does have some very strong language in places) Family Guy is still a really guilty pleasure as you find yourself laughing at something and then checking no-one saw you giggle.

While the humour is risky and borderline offensive, the antics are at times deeply amusing - and creator Seth MacFarlane continues to push it right to the edge.

Riddled throughout with homages to other films and pop culture, Family Guy works best when it parodies famous moments - Brian channeling Snoopy at a Hallowe'en party is very very funny - and doesn't veer too far into the overtly obscene.

The latest set will appeal to fans of the show and maybe appall some new fans - but with commentaries on every episodes with cast and crew, deleted scenes and animatic episodes to take you behind the scenes as well as featurettes, there's plenty of extras to get your teeth into.

But it's aimed at a certain audience - Baby Stewie continues to amuse as ever - and goodness alone knows why Lois puts up with the sometimes downright stupid antics of her husband (but then why does Marge always support Homer?) - and all in all, Family Guy continues to plough its own comedy route.

Family Guy will never be totally mainstream - and perhaps that's a good thing.

Extras: Commentaries on every episodes with cast and crew, deleted scenes and animatic episodes to take you behind the scenes as well as four featurettes

Rating 7/10