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Easter Sunday movies

Take a look at our evening movie line-up for Easter Sunday:


5.10pm: Happy Feet

Mumble is a tone-deaf tap-dancing emperor penguin who is unable to sing his heart song, the ritual required to win a mate. Outcast by his colony, he sets out to solve the mystery of the dwindling supply of edible fish in the ocean. Featuring the voices of Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman.



7pm: Oz The Great And Powerful

When a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics is hurled away to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot — until he crosses paths with three witches who aren’t convinced he’s the great wizard everyone had been expecting. Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis and Michelle WIlliams.


9.15pm: Kath And Kimderella

The foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes are back, and they're off on a hilarious adventure abroad. When Kath Day-Knight wins a trip to Italy, she and her overbearing daughter Kim find themsleves at the centre of their very own fairytale.