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Downton Abbey: A Journey to the Highlands: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by Universal Home Entertainment

It's off to Scotland they go for the latest Christmas special as the ever so soapy Downton Abbey continues.

Heading there to meet Violet's great niece Rose and her parents, it's clear that tensions exist between both factions as the masters head out of the Abbey for a break. Meanwhile, back at the Abbey the servants are trying to kick back a little, but Carson's not having any of it.

Soon, though a tragedy will send ripples through their existence.

What can you say about the continuing success of Downton Abbey?

There are those who'll revel in every minute of it and there are those who'll start to feel like some of the magic has run out. Sadly, I'm starting to feel in the latter category - with the ending of this latest in particular being one of the reasons it's started to feel a little lazier than Fellowes' best. Mary's fear of going the way of Sybil throughout the ep hints that something bad is on the way and when it comes, it's no surprise.

This latest special is more a saccharine show with not very high stakes whatsoever - it's very well made, but seems to be a little bit Downton by numbers; it's watchable enough fare, but not with any real bite.

Here's hoping the death at the end will give the scripts a bit of a boost next year.

Extras: 12 minute featurette

Rating: 6/10