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Christmas at Downton Abbey: Blu Ray Review

Christmas at Downton Abbey - DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Ent

So, Downton Abbey does a feature length Christmas episode, thus cementing it as a staple in the UK psyche.

It's Christmas 1919, after the first Great War has taken place and Downton Abbey is hosting a big Xmas do to celebrate.

But it wouldn't be a Christmas gathering without tensions and problems and underneath the sheer veeer of high society and manners there's always that at Downton.

Casting a major shadow across the celebrations is Bates' arrest and subsequent trial - which most of this Christmas episode focuses on.

But there's also time for love too and the special manages to wrap up a long running story thread between Matthew and Mary in a scene which many fans will swoon over.

The Christmas episode manages to be a little more of what the entire second series was missing - while it's always a classy affair at the Abbey, the hysterically OTT story lines in season two left a sour taste for many - but praise needs to go to the creators for this special which sets the Downton ship back on course for a third series which will no doubt be as successful as the others later on this year.

Rating: 6/10