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The Change Up: Blu Ray Review

The Change Up

The Change Up

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Ent

Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) have been buddies since they were in third grade in school together.

Whereas Mitch became a failed actor and womaniser, Dave worked hard all his life, married, had kids and is working for a law firm.

However, Dave's not happy with his life, believing Mitch has the perfect carefree existence; ironically, Mitch believes Dave has the perfect life, with adorable kids and a loving wife (Leslie Mann). So when the pair go out drinking one night and end up peeing in a fountain, they wish they could swap places.

And in a flash, that's exactly what happens - but, surprise, surprise, both of the guys learn the lives they're so jealous of, aren't exactly as rosy as they imagined.

The Change Up is a body swap comedy from those behind Wedding Crashers and The Hangover. So, pretty much, right there, you should know what to expect - moments of guilty, gross out humour and nothing too sophisticated.

The tone is set in the beginning sequence when Bateman's Dave is woken at 3am by babies needing a nappy change - and it goes horribly wrong...Throw in formulaic comedy and you've pretty much got this film down to a tee - except for a few redeeming factors.

Jason Bateman finally plays against his usual laid back roles and has a whale of a time as Mitch; likewise Ryan Reynolds impresses in his performance as Mitch/Dave; both the leads bring smart assured performances to what is a very traditional, and formulaic body swap film. Olivia Wilde continues to carve her way towards a prosperous screen career with her role as Dave's sexy colleague and Leslie Mann does well as a quietly desperate housewife.

Sure, the inevitable moment comes when the duo have to grow up/ face their deep epiphanies, but thanks to a fairly mediocre script which uses their plights as a construct to hear some home truths, you can see what's coming a mile off.

Extras: Deleted and extended scenes, gag reel and commentary.

Rating: 5/10