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The Laughing Samoans at Large on TV2

Moon TV USA on TV2

Our brand new Kiwi comedy series, A Night at The Classic, has recently started on our screens so we've compiled a list of the best of the Kiwi comedies you can catch at TVNZ Ondemand .

Rural Drift

Catch our latest local comedy to Ondemand about hapless Auckland resident, Orlando Stewart, as he heads blindly into the country in a desperate attempt to downsize.

A Night at The Classic

If you haven't caught up with A Night at The Classic, here's your chance.

A Night At The Classic takes viewers on a unique journey backstage at the renowned Kiwi comedy club The Classic, providing a rare insight into the rivalries and rituals of stand-up comedians.

Comprised of stand up routines from some of NZ's top comedians as well as mocumentary style behind the scenes "drama", the comedians from A Night at The Classic prove that they can quite easily take the mickey out of themselves as well.

Laughing Samoans at Large

From the popular comedy duo, Ete and Tofiga, comes Laughting Samoans at Large. 

Follow the adventures of Aunty Tala, her niece Fai, on the spot reporter Uncle Sam, and his assistant Tony as they travel around eight cities in New Zealand, London and Honolulu.|

Everyone likes That Guy - Leigh Hart and we've got two of his recent shows available Ondemand


New Zealand's favourite comedy show Moon TV relocated to the United States earlier this year in an attempt to get a better time slot.

"We feel that the time zone difference may work in our favour. The show will be made over in the States, but will still air in NZ at 10:30 p.m. on TV2, so technically that will be something like 6:30 am the day before in New York, when we watch it. It's all very complicated and I don't really want to go into to it over the phone", said producer Leigh Hart from his New York production office.

It is still very much a New Zealand show made by New Zealanders but based in New York.  All the most popular and familiar elements including Speed Cooking, and reality shows like the Speedo Cops and the Hamster-man have relocated to the 'Big Apple'.  

Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet

Explorer, adventurer and self-proclaimed expert Leigh Hart is on a quest to seek the truth behind the world's greatest mysteries.

Armed only with his internet-based knowledge, his Kiwi back-up team, and a credit card, he attempts to solve once and for all, the world's top six greatest mysteries, in as many weeks.


From the creators of Eating Media Lunch and Back of The Y, Feedback is a genre-bending spectacular.

A satirical newscast that is part skit-show, and part sitcom. Each week, cameras take you behind the scenes to spy on a frantic, ratings obsessed current affairs show, where the Feedback team must deal with a caldron of ambition, deceit and sexual misadventure. Sound familiar?